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From pre-construction, construction to post-construction, we have designed a system that automates everything that should be automated!
Keep Your Pipeline Full Of Profitable And Sustainable Infrastructure Projects.
With our Proposals and Construction Project Management tools, you can add profitable and sustainable projects to your pipeline in 'continuous operations' mode.
Manage all your projects in one platform

Use the Integrated Projects Manager to analyze new private and public projects and stop making decisions without leveraging your historical and current construction data.

Get multiple-project insights with ease

Use the Integrated Analytics Tool to get insights from your entire operations (with a few mouse clicks, without exporting data to Excel, PivotTables, etc.).

Stay aware of risks and opportunities

Let the Payconer Algorithm react to your design decisions with red/green flags (track key metrics like cash flow, profit margins, delays, cost overrun, compliance, etc.)

Prepare winning proposals for complex infrastructure projects
Plan and budget profitable and sustainable projects in collaboration with your team and partners and in sync with your entire operations.
Lock-in profit margins and sustainability targets

Thanks to our proprietary project data structure, our Gantt technology will help you also engineer the profitability and sustainability of your projects.

Create and reuse complex tasks and assemblies

Create unlimited complex nested assemblies in an intuitive Assembly Tree Builder and plug them into your Gantt planning. And reuse those assemblies across multiple projects using the Assembly Catalog.

Streamline project management

Get complete visibility of the impact of design decisions on multiple projects. Take advantage of historical and current project data for auto-scheduling, resource balancing, finding productivity issues, etc.

Procure and mobilize resources to the project site
Go smoothly from pre-construction to construction with high-quality information and collaboration.
Get your proposal ready for the construction site

If necessary, refine the construction processes and strategy of your winning proposal. Set benchmarks, define cost codes for project tracking, etc.

Generate a smart bill of materials (BOM)

With just one click, generate a detailed bill of materials (BOM) with materials, labor, services, etc. Get insights with powerful filtering and grouping capabilities. Export data to Excel to further analysis or formatting.

Streamline procurement and mobilization

Never again procure without considering current and coming projects. Get red/green flags for profitability and sustainability risks and opportunities.

Build and deliver multiple projects in a sustainable and profitable way
Align your team and partners' minds and work to keep your profitability and sustainability targets on track.
Keep productivity and quality high

Use the Assembly Tree Builder to define complex construction processes down to the smallest detail. Translate those processes to the site with purchase orders, site planning, etc.

Lock-in profit margins and sustainability targets

Let the system react to every design and construction decision/activity and keep cash flow pumping, profit margins on track, and stay compliant.

Streamline construction management

Have complete control and coordination of the entire operation, whether you have 1 project or 10+. Leverage historical and current construction data. Collaborate with your team and partners.

Demobilize multiple projects in a sustainable and profitable way
Turn every demobilization into a new mobilization with coordinated information from your construction and pre-construction phases of other projects.
Streamline project closeout

Get red/green flags for idle resources that might need relocation, legal and quality compliance regulations that might need attention, etc.

Reuse project information

Say goodbye to information silos. Your project data is always ready to be used on new proposals or current projects.

Streamline procurement

Never again procure without considering closing out and coming projects. Get red/green flags for profitability and sustainability risks and opportunities.

And much more!
Bring the project owner, project managers, sub-contractors, sub-subs, legal team, cost estimators, field engineers, and suppliers on the same page and collaborate real-time on documents and projects.
Create smart automated workflows, set critical triggers for your projects and let Payconer react to your design and construction decisions.
Safe and private
Your data is always safe with us as we use the latest security protocols and end-to-end encryption.
Simple to use
Easy to use because of its simplified data structure and interface, comprehensive and easy to understand documentation, and responsive support.
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